Bill has written a few articles and bulletins over the years.

· Choice of Entity After the 2017 Tax Act, in University of Southern California Gould School of Law 70th Tax Institute—Major Tax Planning (2018) 3-1 (Matthew Bender 2018)


· "Suspension, Forfeiture and Revocation of Tax-Exempt Status" (Chapter 22) in Advising California Nonprofit Corporations (CEB) (2018 update)



· Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about New Nonprofit Organizations (Bulletin - September 2017)


· Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Buy-Sell Agreements among Business Owners (Bulletin - August 2017)


· When to Use a California "Close Corporation" (Bulletin - July, 2015)


· A "Flip" or "Carried Interest" Deal - a classic structure for a real property investment, a private equity deal or a hedge fund (Bulletin, Novemberm 2012) 


 · "How Recent Tax Legislation Affects Closely-Held Businesses," in University of Southern California Gould School of Law 63rd Tax Institute—Major Tax Planning 3-1 (Matthew Bender 2011)
· "An Environment of Changing Tax Legislation" adversely affects -- the IRS (Bulletin, August, 2011)

· Dissolving California Nonprofit Corporations (Bulletin - August, 2011)

· Suspended and Forfeited Corporations - Revivor, Restoration and Relief from Contract "Voidability" (Bulletin - July, 2011)

· Merger of Nonprofit Organizations (Bulletin - June, 2011)

· What happens to suspended losses when S corporation shares move into or out of a trust? (Bulletin - April, 2011)

· Bill and Paul:  Should Bill Gates have let Paul Allen keep Paul's Microsoft shares when Paul left in 1983? (Bulletin - April 2, 2011) 

· Messed Up S Corps - Solving S Corporation Problems (Bulletin - March 1, 2011)

· Getting the IRS to bless structural changes to Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (Bulletin - January, 2011)

· What I learned about estate planning at the USC Tax Institute  (Bulletin - January 27, 2011)

· California Choice of Entity Developments:  LLPs for Engineers and Land Surveyors; LLCs for Contractors - but with Traps (Bulletin - November, 2010)

·  Year-End Stock Sale Issues - For professionals dealing with stock certificates of closely-held businesses, (Outline - October 18, 2010)

Choice of Entitiy for a New Subsidiary of an S Corporation, Business Law Update (a publication of the Business & Corporations Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association) (Fall 2006)

· The Attorneys' Roles in Mergers and Acquisitions, Bar Notes, San Fernando Valley Bar Association (May, 2006)

· Ten Steps to Take When Preparing to Sell a Business, San Fernando Valley Business Journal (May 9, 2005)

· Don't Treat S Corporation Distributions Like Partnership Draws, (Bulletin - February 2005)

· Starting a Business -- Choosing the Right Business Entity, The Successful California Accountant (a publication of the Society of California Accountants) (Fall 2004)

· Living Trusts Hold Surprises for Owners of Closely-Held Businesses, Business Law Update (a publication of the Business & Corporations Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association) (Summer 2004)

· Choosing the Right Business Entity, Business Resource Guide, San Fernando Valley Business Journal (2004)

· Partner or Employee?  (Bulletin - Dcember 2003)

· Mistakes to Avoid During Succession - Ten Mistakes Families Should Avoid When Transferring a Business to the Next Generation, San Fernando Valley Business Journal (March 17, 2003)

· Limited Liability Companies - An Introduction, (Bulletin - September 2002)

· Tax Planning for Large Charitable Contributions -- Private Foundations, Donor-Advised Funds and Community Foundations, (Bulletin - May, 2001)

· Get Ready Get Set (What you need to know before starting a nonprofit) (2001) (Bill did not write this, but did comment on a draft.  As of 2011, the discussion of legal and tax issues is generally correct, but does not include some significant developments since 2001. Nevertheless, the Section on "Preparing Well to do Good" is still required reading for anyone considering starting a new nonprofit.)

· Choice of Entity Decision for an IPO Candidate, Los Angeles Lawyer (October 2000)

· Penalty Taxes on Managers and "Insiders" of Organiziations Exempt from Tax under Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) -- "Intermediate Sanctions" for "Excess Benefits", (Bulletin - May 1997)

· Protecting Trademarks and Brands, (Bulletin - October 1996)

· Guidelines for Building a Successful Business—Legal and Tax Planning, Orange County Business Journal (November 27, 1995)

· Co-Author, Limited Edition (Limited Liability Companies), Los Angeles Lawyer (May 1995)

· Limited Liability Companies, The CPA/Law Forum (1993, 1995)

· The Role of Stock in Incentive Compensation Arrangements, The CPA/LAW Forum (1994)

· Does Incorporating Limit Liability for CPAs?, Orange County Business Journal (September 20, 1993)